Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NYC Pizza

If you are from NYC, you know that pizza just ain't pizza. NYC pizza is the only pizza I eat. I've tried to eat it in different states and in different parts of the world. My ultimate conclusion is that it sucks everywhere, but in NYC. I haven't been to Italy, but they are the exception. I'm saying they;re the motherland of Pizza.

There has to be a pizza spot every 2-3 blocks in NYC. I don't know how people can just walk in and just order a slice and eat it. I can't do that. There are particular spots in NYC that I will only eat pizza from. There are all these fake ass pizza spots popping up all over the city. There's the famous or 'infamous' $1 a slice spot. I won't mention the name, but you get what you pay for. Then there are the 2 different "original ray's" pizza spots. They both suck. Their sauce is too sweet and the dough is too thick and 'doughy'.

A great NYC slice of pizza has just enough sauce (not sweet), plenty of cheese and the most important part of the pizza is the dough. When a slice is cooked just right, you know it because you hear it and feel it. When the pizza guy places your slice on the paper and you grab and fold it, the slice is to supposed to break in half. It's not supposed to fold like a goddamn soft taco. You need to hear the crack. Its very similar to hearing the skin crack when you bite into a real Coney Island Nathan's hot dog. That's a whole other post.

If I have to tell you my 2 favorite spots in the city (borough wide), they can both be found on the planet of BROOKLYN! You can't be surprised. I'm saying Brooklyn is where all the Italians are. Two of my favorite spots are  Totonno's in Coney Island (not the other locations) and Di Fara's on Avenue J. The 3rd runner up would be Patsy's, but the one is Spanish Harlem not those tourist traps. 

If  I am in the mood for a good old fashioned slice of pizza, I have no problem whipping out my metrocard and taking an hour and half ride to CI. It's worth the trip. So make sure your ipod is charged, you have cash in your pocket (cash only) and you get there early (if the pizza dough runs out, you are assed out...NO PIZZA FOR YOU!). Go there early, make a day of it. Check out the Aquarium, snack on a hot dog or candied apple, get on the bumper cars and cap it all off with a classic Napoletan slice of pizza. Boy do I love my city!


  1. how does one do the BK tour without stopping at L&B?!?!?! get that metro card out!

  2. Great tip! Will def make a stop at L&B on my next tour. Brooklyn is too amazing for just one trip :)

  3. My mouth is watering just looking at this photo! I haven't had good pizza since I was last in NYC. And I miss it!!!!

    And yes, Italian pizza (in Italy) is amazing! But very different from American Pizza - nothing like either NYC or Chicago). A whole different category.