Monday, February 21, 2011

The Break-Up...revised

Today I made one of the biggest decisions in my life. Today I broke up with my blackberry. I knew that it was coming to an end between us. I've known for about 2 months. I was procrastinating. I was afraid to move on and possibly realize that I wouldn't be happy. I had 3 options. Get an iphone, get a droid or stay with the blackberry. Deciding whether to stay or move on, definitely felt like I was making a decision regarding a relationship.

I came to this epiphany while I was at the Verizon store. I was roaming between the phones which were strategically placed on opposite sides of the store. Iphone or Droid. Iphone or Droid.  It was emotionally taxing. It felt like I was trying to kick it to 2 different girls at a party. Yes I know it sounds dramatic, but it really was. It also doesn't help that I am a commitment phobe.

Overall I made my decision rather quickly. If the decision was solely based on me without any guidance, I would still be there. My Verizon sales rep was AWESOME! Instantly, I told him of my commitment issues. I explained that I have issues making big decisions and I had no idea which phone to pick. He was understanding and patient. He took his time and asked me questions. He asked me what did I use my phone for, what type of computer do I use, do I travel, where do I travel, etc. He sensed my anxiety and was just patient with me.

Why can't I have a sales/support rep when I go on my dates? I realized that I need someone like my Verizon rep to guide me as to what would be the ideal choice for me. I'm one of those people that instantly get caught up with the looks. That's what first geared me to possibly getting the iphone. It was sleek and slim. Everyone loves the iphone. The iphone would be popular and accepted by my friends. At that point, I thought it was an easy decision. Then my trusty Verizon sales rep introduced me to who hopefully will be my partner for the next 2 years (contract or prenup, you pick). The Droid X.

Can I say S-E-X-Y? I normally don't like my phones with a little extra in the battery, but she fits oh so nicely in my hand. She's a gunsmith black/gray, slick, shiny and sexy. She is jam packed with apps that I have no idea what to do with. At the touch of my fingertips, she can perform all sorts of feats that leaves me speechless. Her 8.0 mp lens shoots the clearest pictures. I can boost her energy with the plug she came with or my bb and nook charger. She's so easily pleased. Whooooheeee! She's smokin! Now the 2 main factors that sealed the deal for me and got me me on bended knee was #1 her battery can be replaced/purchased (unlike the iphone) and #2 I can add memory without having to purchase another iphone with more memory. So not only is she amazing, but she helps me save some $$$. I can't say that about my other dates.

Finally the moment of truth came and I had to say 'Yes'. My sales rep took me to the counter and asked for my bb. I was so sad to say good-bye, but I knew it had to end. We had some great times, but she had been letting me down. I wasn't getting messages and she couldn't perform new tricks for me. I was bored. I easily get bored. She had my back, but I couldn't always count on her. She could be moody and ungrateful. Before it got any worse and I ditched her out the window, I decided to be mature and break it off. Once my rep took my bb and started touching her buttons, I wanted to die. I didn't want someone else playing with her. I knew he was moving my contacts over and within a couple of minutes she would be deactivated. I stood there and just stared at her laying on the counter and then in instant, she was gone. I wanted to lean over and start pressing the trackball like if it was CPR. For a split second, I regretted letting her go....then he turned on my DROID X.

With sadness in my eyes, I looked at her as he introduced us. He showed me how to turn her on and how with my slightest touch she could do anything I asked. Well almost anything. I wiped away the one tear and held her. I caressed her. I made a promise to her in that Verizon store that I would be loyal to her as long as she was loyal to me. I told her she had 14 days to prove her loyalty to me, if not I would go to plan B (the iphone). She wasn't too happy, but she understood. She knew that if she wanted to be my main chick and not the side chick, she needed to show and prove.

With new found hope, I signed my name on that dotted line. I handed over my debit card and paid for her in full. As I sit and write this entry, my new woman is sitting right next to me. She has provided soothing music when I was lonely, she has told me what's going on with my friends thru Facebook, she's told me to bundle up when the weather widget appears, she's keeping to her battery usage diet since I want her to live a nice 2 years with me and lastly she has kept her promise of making sure I've received all my messages. If only dating was this easy.....

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  1. Has your Droid scared you yet?

    My BFF got a late night text and instead of a non-intrusive sound it "spoke" to her because it said "DROOOOOOOOID"! LOL! She made her hubby get up and check the apartment for intruders.