Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gettin' Brain

So what can I say, I'm a sucka for a smart chick.  A smart chick turns me on like nothing in the world. Hearing her speak about a book she just read, her profession, current events, how she feels about what's going on the Mideast or commenting on her taste in fashion, music or art is a mental aphrodisiac. If she's attractive, then she's well on her way to falling into the "wifey" category. That's future Mrs. LaInsomnia to you folks!
It's shocking to me that I don't really get a chance to meet that many smart and beautiful smart chicks. The ones in my circle are my friends which are out of bounds. The rest of the chicks I meet randomly at bars, parties, through friends etc. lack substance, personality and or a brain. I realized tonight that I need to either a) attend more 'nerdy' events such as the Junot Diaz speaking engagement or b) I need to get my ass back to school.
Sitting amongst all the Junot fans, I noticed that more than half were women. Half of those women were attractive women and you know they were smart because they were THERE!
Being true to my Leo self and of course reverting back to my basic flirting 101 skills, I struck up a conversation with a rather intelligent and attractive woman. We were both waiting on line and of course I was feeling all herbish waiting like a groupie for an autograph that I decided to grab my balls (ok my hat) and strike up a conversation. I asked her if she had read the book she was holding. We did the whole back and forth thing for a minute and then this old dude behind her tried to cockblock. Whatever dude. You have WHITE HAIR. You are OLD!
Anyways you may be thinking...did I get her number? Of course not. Do I even know if she liked women? No. Do I even care? No. Do I ever care? Absolutely not. The problem was I completely forgot about her the minute I stepped up to chat with Junot while he signed my book. I then left skipping like a pathetic school kid. See what smarties do to me? It doesn't matter if they are women or men. I love smarties! I just won't sleep with male smarties.
Regardless, meeting this woman reminded me yet again of the type of woman I dig. I always get all tangled up in the beauty part which is like an oasis. You think it's going to satisfy you, but it doesn't. It's all show. I need to focus on what really turns me on. Brains.....
I'm looking for a Latina who can who can stimulate my senses, caress my thoughts, tease my intellect, play with my mind, stroke my ideas and make them grow and most importantly of all allow me to do the same. Thinking and meditating by yourself is like mental masturbation. It feels awesome, but it feels even better when someone else participates or helps you. Apparently, I do need to get my ass back to school. Graduate school seems to be the jumpoff to finding the woman of my dreams or fantasies..oh and that's right to also get a degree..(ahem).

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