Sunday, March 27, 2011

My latest adventure...and it's not partying?

Hello Insomniacs! I'm back. My apologies for not writing for over a week. So much has been going on. The big news is that I've joined the gym and started eating healthy. No I'm not dying and I'm not sick. I decided that since I love my life so much that I would like to stick around a little bit longer. Just a little bit longer. I work hard, love hard and party hard. I want to maintain my lifestyle, but I'm tired of being tired. I'm also stressed about getting ahem...old so I'm hoping this will slow down my clock.

To begin with I don't diet. I hate diets. Anything that tells me I CAN'T, won't work with me. I eat somewhat healthy. The keyword being 'somewhat'. I eat fruits and veggies. I hate salads. I LOVE beer and cocktails. I don't really exercise much unless you count the dancing I do while partying. As you also know I suffer from insomnia. That definitely hasn't helped my immune system. In a nutshell, I'm not healthy. Who the hell likes feeling tired and sick? No wonder I haven't met the woman of my dreams!

Last week I decided that I needed to make a change. My doctor wasn't telling me I needed to lose weight. My mother wasn't nagging me either. This time I was doing it because I wanted to do it for me and no one else. What a difference! I've gone to the gym all week. I'm up at 5am and working out by 530. I've been bringing my breakfast and lunch. I don't think I've ever been this responsible (outside of work). I was even at at the gym on Saturday at 7am!

I actually have to admit that working out has given my swag a little bit of a jump start. I feel energized and confident. Who the hell knew? My only goal is to keep this up. If I lose some weight in the process, more power to me. I don't want to set any weight goals or anything crazy like that. I hate rules and imposing rules on myself would be my personal hell. Can you imagine me giving up cocktails, tapas and BEER? It's NOT going to happen.  All I'm saying is that I'm going to try to eat and live somewhat healthy during the week. I'll pack my lunch (which also helps me save some $$), cook dinner as opposed to getting take-out, try to avoid happy hour during the week and go to the gym.  My goal for the weekend is to eat, drink and be merry. Not bad huh? I can't stop living. I would be miserable. Absolutely...miserable!
Pues vamos a ver and see how this goes. This definitely may be a whole new leaf for me. The fact that my gym bag is packed already, my lunch is made and my work clothes are ready to go is definitely way too responsible for me. It seems I may be going a little full on this, but if this is what does it for me then more power to me. I'm definitely on a whole new journey...falling in love with myself :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Herbivores....unfortunately will never be extinct

Before you start reading, let me clarify that this post is in NO WAY correlated to Veganism. I'm not writing about animals or people that eat plants. This is another type of Herbivore. Trust me that you know exactly what's a herbivore . A herbivore as defined by the utmost respected dictionary in the world, the Urban Dictionary is a, "Variation of the commonly known slang "Herb". An upgrade if you will."  If you don't know what a herb is, well a herb is "used by rapper esoteric, in the song herb. pronounced like its spelled, no silent h. it doesn't mean weed or drugs, its a term for someone who follows trends, or just is a complete bullshitter. Basically one of those kind of people that nobody likes."  With that being said, its an adjective to describe someone corny. Mad corny. 

Usually you are able to spot the herbivores at bars, lounges and clubs. They travel in packs and usually lurk in corners scouting the area. You know exactly who I'm talking about! They form a herb huddle and you can see them pick a target and select one person in the group to go and make their move. Usually the alpha herb makes his or her way to a poor unfortunate victim. If the group of guys or girls is laughing about something, they try to join the conversation. They also try to get you to dance. No matter how many times, you politely decline, they still keep coming back. Here lies the problem.... they try TOO damn hard and they think they are mad cool. That's what makes them a herbivore. 

I'm not gonna front. I am guilty of herbivore behavior. At least I know and admit it. My herbivore behavior is different. It's not because I try too hard or I think I'm  too cool. It's the complete opposite. No matter how friendly, social and funny I am, I can be extremely shy. I'm dead serious. I get extremely shy around women who I find attractive. I don't know what to do or say. It's like all my confidence and mojo goes out the window. I literally feel and start acting like this dude from Revenge of the Nerds. 

It's pretty sad and pathetic to see me going from confident and funny and then guffawing like an idiot. Luckily for me, I have such great wing (wo)men that chin check me and pump my brakes. They make sure I snap out of herbivore mode and get back to my A game. This is also typically the time when one of my crew gives me a non-literal, 'bofeta' or back handed slap. 

So the next time you go out with your friends for a boys or girls night, be on the look out. They are sitting at the bar or all huddled in a corner. They are all holding drinks in their hands and checking out the scene. If you pay close enough attention you can actually hear their radar zoom in on either you or one of your friends and within a couple of minutes they start to approach. As my crew would say, its time to get ready to say 'Pompa la Pausa' (Italian for pump your brakes) and...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stalker Apps...REDUX
So it seems that my little posting on stalker apps hit a nerve with a couple of my readers. I've been fielding texts and emails throughout the day from several readers asking if these stalker apps were in fact real. Yes and No.

I think its funny and interesting that no one wanted to comment on the actual blog itself. I got ya paranoid huh? Well that was not my intention. It was just my thoughts on a conversation I had with one of my homegirls. To clarify, yes there are stalker apps. If there is an app to find the nearest public bathroom (SitorSquat..which I have), there is going to be some stalker app. You know they were probably originally designed as a security measure for locating kids or something like that. Well you know that anything that is created for good, there is always gonna be some hater who has to use that power for evil. There is always someone out there who has to go full retard. Always. They ruin it for everybody.

Even if I didn't write about these stalker apps, just know your phone has a built in GPS system. Think about it. As my techie friend said to me, "How do you think they can locate people who call 911?". Well there you go. It's that simple. You don't necessarily need a stalker app. These stalker apps just make it much more easier to locate someone.

Everyone that hit me up today was a bit nervous. The way I see it, if you do the whole social networking thing, you have no choice. You have to make yourself socially 'available'. As with everything in life, just be smart about it. I have my own strategic techniques to sort of cover my 'tracks'. I didn't download anything fancy. I just used good ole common sense and I disable my location service when I update on certain sites. That's one of the ways I go into stealth mode. Just like when you know NOT to walk down a dark & scary looking alley, well its the same thing. Be smart and use your common sense.

It's impossible for me not to be "found". I blog. I update my twitter, facebook and foursquare. If you surf people searching sites like SPOKEO, I'm sure you can find yourself or someone you know. So this is bigger than the stalker apps. I'm not saying all of this to make you crazy and paranoid. I'm just saying this to be mad real.

Bottom line, if you are checking in on someone or someone is checking in on you....that's not a stalker app problem. That's an old fashioned hiding in the bushes/watching you through binoculars/hiring a private detective type of stalker problem. The problem is deeper than just hitting 'install' on your phone. You need to work out that problem before it goes out of control. You know if you are in one of those situations and you know what you need to do. So DO IT!

Ok enough of this debbie downer crap, i'm starting to sound like a PSA. Ugh! So unless I get more emails and texts on this, I'll return to my regularly scheduled blog of my NYC adventures.  Now go out there and live your life...DAMMIT!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stalking Apps?

Why do some people feel the need to stalk? Is it boredom? Insecurities? I don't have the need or energy to stalk. Apparently you don't need to do any hard work to stalk someone these days. You don't even need a computer anymore. If you have a smartphone, trust that there may be a stalking app for your phone or that its already built in. If it's not your social networking site, its the geo-tagging feature when you take a picture. Yes, taking a simple picture that has been geo-tagged is enough information for your stalker to find you. Scary huh?

Like I said, social networking sites have made it way too easy to stalk someone. Since I don't have any of the women I'm dating as a Facebook friend, I don't have anything to worry about. Or do I?? Honestly, my closest stalking experience was someone I was seeing who felt she needed to test the limits of her unlimited texting plan. If you text me over 5 times a day, then Houston we have a problem. There is no need for anyone to keep tabs on me, quiz my whereabouts or text me a thousand times a day asking me how's my day going. Really? Ok I'm exaggerating when I say a thousand, but the 10 texts she sent every day felt like a thousand. Is it me or am I just a pain in the ass? Wait....don't answer that just yet.

While drinking and laughing over unlimited mimosas, my friend asked if my droid revealed my location when I called someone? I was like huh? What??? Talk about sobering up in an instant! I said I don't think so, why? She said someone told her that when she calls, that person's Droid tells them what borough she's in. You can't tell me something like that!! I'm already paranoid of getting stalked. While holding my glass of mimosa, I told my friend that there is no freaking way someone can tell what borough you're calling from. Or can they??? So there I went... frantically scrolling through my call history to see if there was any truth to her question and thankfully there wasn't. Talk about a giant BBMWHEW face!! Well not exactly...

I just couldn't stop thinking about my friend's question. I sat there over brunch and wondered if there were actual stalking apps out there. I hit up Google and did some research. Apparently, there ARE such apps out there in the crazy apps world. I refuse to give the names or links because I'm totally against these apps! Who the hell are these crazy apps designers? See what happens when people use their powers for evil? If you thought I had difficulty sleeping before, this is not going to help my case.

Ayee another thing for me to worry about! What's funny is that I never worried about this as I updated my Facebook,Twitter and or Foursquare. I know everyone on my Facebook and my security settings are super customized. My biggest fear is the possibility of dating a closeted stalker. So until I decide to settle down and get into a serious relationship, I will turn off my location service on my phone (except when I'm updating Foursquare and then I will turn it off again), continue to give my dates only my cell phone number and a secondary email address. Like I tell my friends, you're life should be an Oscar nominated film and not a Lifetime movie. Make sure you clear your browsing history after you read this post. Hey you never know!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

NYC Dates on a Budget

Dating in NYC can get pretty expensive. Especially if you are old school like myself who frowns on the whole dutch thing. I'll do the dutch thing if it's a blind date, but If I am asking a girl out then it should be my responsibility to pay. Not many of my friends agree with me, but that's who I am....broke and funny.

That's how I came up with my NYC dates on a budget. Dinner and movie..yawn...that is mad boring. What are we in the 1950's? First of all, doing the dinner and movie thing is expensive. Secondly, you can't talk during the movies so how are you supposed to get to know someone?

If you opt on the dinner AND the movie, this the breakdown.... Dinner for two depending on where you are going is going to run you about $50. I'm not including drinks. If you order drinks and I mean drink(s) not juice or soda, let's say close to $75. Right now movies in NYC are about $12-$13pp. If you get popcorn, soda or candy, factor an extra $15-$20. The grand total of $100-$120. This is not one of those Visa commercials where it ends in..... PRICELESS. This story is going to end in.....GOING TO COLLECTIONS.

If you want to save your money and have a good time, these are my top 3 suggestions:

1. Walk a NYC bridge (weather pending). I recommend the Brooklyn Bridge.
In MY opinion, the Brooklyn Bridge is the most beautiful bridge in the world. I also recommend you walking the bridge as the sun is setting. You get a great view of the city and Brooklyn. There are plenty of areas to stop and take in the sights, take pictures and hang out. Don't go during the day because there are MAD TOURISTS. They can be so annoying and its crowded. Night time is the best. Start off by City Hall and walk over to Brooklyn. Once you are in Brooklyn, head over to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on Fulton Ferry Pier. You can also wait on the long ass line to Grimaldi's Pizza. It's ok and not my favorite. See my NYC Pizza post for my faves.

2. A Picnic. Yeah, yeah I sound like a herb, but I'm serious. You can go to any of the major parks. You have Central Park, Riverside Park, Battery Park, Flushing Meadow Park, Prospect Park, etc...There are tons of parks. I suggest you go to park that also has other things to do. For example, Central Park is known for their rowboats and zoo, Prospect Park has their paddle boats and zoo (plus the Brooklyn Museum & Botanic Garden is nearby) and Flushing Meadows Corona Park has their miniature golf and New York Hall of Science. Pack a picnic with some sandwiches, fruits, cheese, and some Pack it in some plastic bottles so you won't get arrested. Be smart. Once you've had your fill, walk off the food in the park, stroll through the museum or hit some balls on the mini range. You'll have fun, plenty of laughs and most importantly it won't break your bank.

3. Pick a hood, any hood in NYC. Also be smart about this one. Don't go to an unsafe hood. You're not bulletproof. Pick a neighborhood you've never been to and that you want to explore. Go to Chinatown in Lower Manhattan, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Jackson Heights in Queens or Little Italy in the Bronx. Do a little research before you go. Read up on some food recommendations and things to do in NYC. This is NYC mi gente!! There is always some festival, street fair, performance, show, etc.  Also there are tons of free things to do in NYC.

There! I hooked you up. Not only am I helping you keep your chips in your pocket, but I've given you some tips on having fun and economically friendly dates. Don't forget that this is your city. Be safe and have fun. Don't forget to give up your seat on the bus/train to a pregnant woman , elderly or handicapped person.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ayyyeeee....Fo! They are UGGly!!

I'm so freakin' ecstatic that spring is right around the corner and that winter is finally coming to an end. Why? Well winter in NYC has been a b**tch. I'm so tired of this damn snow and the bleakness of winter that it gave me a touch of the winter blues. I'm so glad that the sun is appearing much more frequently and that it gets darker later in the day. The other most important reason I am ecstatic for winter to end is because that means it's officially the end of UGG season. Well almost. The warmer it gets, the less I see of the world's ugliest fashion accessory. The Ugg boots. I HATE...UGGS! (Note: even though it may be a NYC sweltering summer hell hot day, just know that there is some crazy chick running around in tiny shorts, a tank and those stupid Uggs.)

If you know me, you know how much I can stand those boots. They are the bane of my existence. You would think I was a stylist or some fashion consultant. That I am not. I'm so far from it. I'm a tomboy. I'm a t-shirt, sweater, jeans and sneakers type of chica. So really who the f*#k do I think I am? I just know what I like. Dasss it! You know what I'm saying.

Well a day doesn't go by, that I don't see someone in the street wearing those effin' boots. For those of you that don't know me, don't be shocked. A lot and I mean A LOT of people hate those boots. If you own a pair, just know that some of your friends hate them. My friends know I can't stand them. They just don't give a flying F**k and still wear them.

So I hear that they are warm, comfy and toasty. Well if that's how you want to feel, then keep your ass home. They are not even cute. They look caveman ridiculous. It doesn't help that some designers decided to jump on  the UGG train and design limited edition Uggs. There is the Jimmy Choo UGG with all those UGGly rivets, grommets and studs. You know Jimmy ain't wearing those things. He's taking it the bank. Trust that I ain't hatin. I just hate that there are more Ugg boot selections. Then there are also the celebrity designed Uggs by Betsey Johnson, Christian Siriano and Manolo Blahnik. I don't care. They are all UGGly.

A day does not go by that I don't spot someone wearing these boots. On the bus, on the train, heading to the gym, at a club, at a bar, at a list is endless. Besides them being UGGly, I have my own selfish reason for hating them. Yes I am admitting I'm selfish. I have somewhat of a shoe fetish. I look forward to looking at the type of shoes women wear. The UGGs killed the art of Retifism. There is nothing cute or remotely sexy about the UGGs. Nothing.

I can't stand seeing a women dressed up and then I look down to see what shoes she's paired with her outfit and POW! those damn UGGs! Talk about a killjoy. Those boots really know how to not just kill an outfit, but  a mood. I was on the bus the other day and spotted these on a woman wearing sweatpants. Whatever. They were horrific.
Now ladies and friends, if you are going to stick with your UGGly UGGs, you have to take care of them. Shoe maintenance is an integral part of your wardrobe. That means if they are stained by water, snow, mud or who the hell knows take them boots to the DRY CLEANERS. Yes the DRY CLEANERS. They will clean them up and make them look all purrrty for you. NOW...let's pay attention....close attention...If your UGG boots are ripped, torn or severely busted, YOU NEED TO THROW THEM OUT. I don't care that how much you spent, THROW THEM SHITS OUT!  There is no excuse for you to be wearing torn, ripped, busted ass UGG boots or any type of shoe. THROW THEM OUT! I don't get it. I just don't get it. Maybe some one in the blog reading world could explain to me why would you leave your house with your UGGs looking like this???

Courtesy of my twin bff, NW. Thanks for being on the UGG detail!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Food for your Ears...

For those of you that have been living under a rock or a cave and not up on the latest in Latin artists, let me introduce you to Los Rakas. They are Panamanian 'hip hop' duo that reside in Cali. Their music is not just hip hop. It's a blend of hip hop, reggae and dancehall. Their lyrics are in both English and Spanish. They have been getting mad love. They recently performed in NYC with La Mala Rodriguez. Of course, I missed it. I was dead on going, but it slipped my mind and yes I'm a big loser. I'm going to have to wait till they come around again.

Check out their joint below. Their beats and lyrics are mad dope. I've been listening/following them for about 2 months. Tengo mi pistola y diente de oro......

Since I mentioned La Mala Rodriguez, I'm going to have to say a little something about her. On the real, if you have not checked out her music, you need to. A lot of people sleep on rap artists from Latin America/Spain, but they have mad skills. La Mala is a Spanish rapper that has been around for a minute. My sister introduced me to her music a couple of years ago and I've been a fan ever since. She's done collabos with Tego Calderon, Nelly Furtado, and Julieta Venegas. She is on the money. Her music and her lyrics are creative and fresh. Check out one of her older joints. It's one of my favorites. If you don't have her on your ipod, you need to add her to your playlist.

Last, but not least is Leon Marin. He is a hip hop artist hailing from the Planet of Brooklyn. I heard about this dude on Facebook. Some friends of mine have been shooting his videos and posting them. So, I decided to check this guy out. I have to say he's pretty good. He definitely has a pretty good flow. (Note: If you only like those club banging 'hip hop' joints, then this cat is not for you. Hell! None of my recommendations are for you.)
He did his Brooklyn version of 'Empire State of Mind' called 'Gowanus State of Mind'. He rhymes over Jay-Z's famous NYC tribute track. Check out the video below. I forwarded this video link to all my BK friends and they loved it.
He recently released a mix tape, L.E.O.N-Love Everything Over Nothing. Comparing it to his earlier mixtape, Food 4 Thought, this is definitely a huge improvement. L.E.O.N is a pretty good mixtape. The beats are better and so are his rhymes. He's definitely a guy to keep your eye on.

Check out the link below where you can download his mixtape for free. My favorite joint is 'Hey Lauren'.

Leon Marin

Hope you guys enjoy my recommendations. If you know of some artist/musician that I should be blowin up on my ipod, put me on son!