Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Te Gusta El Rawr....

Doesn't it seem unfair that only men can catcall at women? Women don't catcall men and women don't catcall other women...until now. As Latinas, we always have much to say. Sometimes we don't say what we should be saying and only say the crap others want to hear. Well this is your chance to change shit up.

So my friend started this new catcall which we do outside our favorite watering hole when everyone goes out for a smoke. Like typical dudes we stand outside talking smack and as people walk by (men and women), we 'Rawr' them. We don't 'roar', we 'rawr'. It's a roar with a spanish accent. We tend to roll the R in 'rawr' if our object of desire is extremely attractive. If not, it's just a regular 'rawr'. Nothing dramatic. Not only do we say it once, but we say it about 2-3x to each person to see if they turn around.

No one has gotten offended or angry when we 'rawr' them. They actually smile, laugh, giggle or just give us a bizarre look. We even 'rawr' the unattractive folks. Everyone should be 'rawred' at some point in their life. Bendito! Who doesn't want to get 'rawred'? We don't discriminate as we are equal opportunity rawr catcallers. It definitely breaks the monotony of many peoples lives. I'm saying here they are innocently walking by us looking all serious or glum and then you hear one of us start  revving up the rawr.  It starts off as low and deep, then transforms into a sexy guttural 'rrrrrrrrrrrrrAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR'!  We don't yell or scream it, but it's loud enough that you can hear it.

I definitely think there should be a lot more rawring around. It's a great icebreaker and it's created funny memorable situations for us. So the next time you are out during happy hour with some of your friends, go outside on a nice night and spot a cutie. Tell yourself, "le va gustar el rawr" and let it rip. Trust me you won't be disappointed.

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