Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thai in the Hood

I talk mad ish about the UES, but I can't escape it. I have no choice. It's where my office is located and that's what pays my bills. It's often hard to get out of the office, but when I do it's because I want to treat myself. Today was that day. I emailed Beautifully Obsessed to say I was craving for some of our favorite Thai. Her response was "Leave Now". I grabbed my coat, told my staff I was out to lunch and made a mad dash for the emergency exit.
Gong was my destination. If you ever crave some some pretty good Thai on the UES, go straight to Gong. Do not pass go and collect $200. It's cheap, the food is always tasty and they have great service. The funny thing is when you say UES, you don't picture the pj's (housing projects to ya'll non city folks).
This place is down the block from the pj's so it's in the mini UESide hood.

I met up with Beautifully Obsessed and ordered our usual. Gong offers a pre fixe lunch menu which is a great deal. For $7.95/$8.95 you get a choice of an appetizer and entree. We always get the spring roll with plum sauce. YUM! Our entrees are different. I always get the chicken pad thai. They make an awesome pad thai. It's not oily or greasy which it can be. The noodles are always cooked right. Beautifully Obsessed always orders the tofu with chili basil sauce.
The service is quick, the food is on point and its a great spot to meet for a quickie. A quickie lunch you pervs! Check them out if you're in the UES hood.

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