Monday, February 7, 2011

Ain't Nuthin but a G thang baby.....

About 3 years ago, I was reading the sex advice column on the last page of L Magazine. There was an article on the theory that women have more than one G spot. According to the red head (sex advice writer), there are theories of there being an A spot and a U spot. The minute I got off the train (I picked up the mag in Brooklyn of course), I ran to my laptop and did some research.

Research I did. Not only did I read up on the theory, but I also decided to put it to the test. I have to say it's not a theory to me. I've proven it on different women on several occasions. These 2 additional 'spots' do work, but obviously the intensity of the climax varies from woman to woman. So for you beginners or those that don't have the slightest idea where the G spot is. Let's do a quick 101.
The G Spot is a small area inside the vagina, along the inner walls about 2-3 inches towards the stomach, right behind the pelvic bone. Ay look at the picture below if you don't get it....#4 is where it's at!

Once you master the G spot you can move on to the other 2. Now don't get me wrong, there are more erogenous zones other than these 3. Like I said earlier, every woman is different. They all have different erogenous zones. Some like being bitten on the neck. That's their zone. Some women don't climax from penetration. Some women can only climax through oral stimulation, while others need both. So these spots are just additional areas that you should explore in your gal.

So let's get back to the master plan....The A spot is a mad sensitive area at the end of the vaginal tube/canal between the cervix and the bladder. Yes mad deep if you don't have a penis. That would be me. I have to tell you that it is possible. I say that with pride! Supposedly this sensitive area is equivalent to the prostate. Now from my personal experience, the reaction varies from woman to woman. I have had instances where there were climactic convulsions while on others, it didn't do much. Once again it all leads to trial and error.

The final spot is the U spot. Once again it is an area of mad sensitive tissue, but this time its located around and above the urethral opening and between the vagina. This one is pretty easy to be found. You don't need to really penetrate. All you need is to caress it with either your tongue, etc...

Surf the net and read up on these 2 other spots. I don't give a shit that they all say they are theories. I've actually put them to the test and they have indeed worked. Tell your man about it or tell your girl about it. Hey tell them all. Why keep such information from anyone? If it brings your orgasm to a whole new level, well I've done my job. Let me know if you know of other spots. I'm always ready to soak up some knowledge and enhance my skills.

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