Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aye...There's a Blip in my Matrix!

Not sure what's been going on lately, but for the past couple of months I'm picking up guys. Yes guys. Oh and let me clarify I'm not picking them up, they are either trying to pick me up or flirt with me. I remember the days when I would get hit only by women, but now it's all about the men hitting on me. It feels like I'm living in Bizarro world or that there's a huge blip in my matrix!
What confuses me is that I am not girly by nature. I'm also not one of those women who want to look like or be like a guy. That's not me. I love being a woman. If I had to describe my style, it's "tomboyish". I don't wear girly clothes. I haven't worn a skirt or dress in over 20 years. I have shoulder length hair, I get mani and pedis (french pedis in the summer). I'm a jeans and t-shirt/sweater type of girl. So with that being said, I am not exactly sure why the guys are hitting on me.
Without fail, whenever I'm out a lounge, club or restaurant, I get hit on. It's so freaking bizarre!! At first I thought it was just me blowing up the situation, but I have witnesses. Prime example, about a month ago I had dinner with my crew at Victor's Cafe. We were sitting at the bar waiting for one of our friends (doesn't it seem like I'm always waiting for one of my friends at the bar?). We were laughing and having a good time. This guy stands near me and orders a drink. He decides to strike up a conversation with us and then the conversation shifts to just him and I. I'm a social butterfly  & I'm pretty friendly if you approach me right.  He was nice and respectful so I chatted up with him.
I knew we took a left turn in Albuquerque when he started asking me where I was heading after dinner and where did I live. At this point, I was like "Oh no, here we go again..ayeeeee...!" He asked me if I was single and maybe we could hang out in the future. Now here is the moment, where I felt like I was in sitcom. It felt like everything just froze, except me and I asked my audience, "What gives him the idea I like men? I'm wearing a button down men's shirt, a blazer, jeans and boots. What part of my ensemble gives him the clue that I like men?".  I step back to the bar and everyone starts moving and talking again. He gave me his business card and asked that I call him so we could go out. I politely took his card and told him to have a great night. At this point my friends are rolling at witnessing the spectacle or what I would think is a debacle. I don't know what was worse getting hit on or having my friends witness the entire event.

Whatever crazy blip in the matrix that is causing this series of unfortunate events needs to end. Living in Bizarro world has been strange. I'm not used to having men hitting on me. Let's hope that I get a call from Neo pretty soon telling me my nearest escape route. I also hope that when he calls, he transports me to the Playboy mansion or Miami. That would totally fix the blip in my matrix ;)

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