Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cheese Doodles

What is up with girls and these fake n bakes? So I'm walking down the street and see what appears to be a hottie. Then I see her when she turns around and she's....ORANGE...NARANJA..or as the puerto ricans say..CHINA. Now, I'm all for a little color, but NOT orange. A good friend of mine coined the term 'cheese doodles' for these orange female specimens. Cheese doodles is perfect.
I'm saying do you not own a mirror? Can you actually see that you are a hue of orange and not brown? 
The cheese doodle phenomena is really for the white girls, but I've been starting to notice some orange Latinas. 
Yes I know the winter in NYC has been brutal this year, but to go orange?
There are some fads that should stay with certain groups of people. Cheese doodling it up is not for Latinas. 

So ladies, let me give it to you straight. It doesn't look cute. Your green eggs and ham orange book cover tan looks horrible. Tone it down. If you have the urge to get a spray tan or fake n bake, just go light, not crazy. 
My fellow Latinas...por favor just don't do it. I love you pale and pasty in the winter. You can hang on a couple of more months because I've started to see the sun peek out through the clouds. Just hang on because you don't want to look like this....ave maria!

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