Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heavy Rotation on my IPOD...Latino Hip Hop

One thing about me that you must know is that I LOVE HIP HOP. Not that fake ass Lil Wayne crap, but true Hip Hop. Common, Mos Def, Talib, Black Star etc. I also love Latino Hip Hop. With that being said, these are some of favorite Latino Hip Hop artists.

                             Ana Tijoux..French born Chilean rapper.
She was born in France since her parents lived there in exile during Pinochet's dictatorship. Not only is she hot, but she can spit and her beats are dope. She rhymes flawlessly. She's been around for a minute rhyming with a group and doing collabos with artists like Julieta Venegas and Control Machete. Not only does she rhyme in Spanish, but she also rhymes in French. She released her autobiographical album called "1977" which is the year that she was born. It's also the title off her single. Check it out below and tell me this song isn't hot!

My favorite song off that album is 'Obstaculo'. The beat is fresh and check out a sample of the lyrics..

tu me dices mi persona es la unica que condiciona pero si se desmoronan los colegas y las zonas que querian la corona y regarte con acetona es la ambicion que condiciona por que dentro de los juegos despiertan todos los egos pegados como los pliegos escapando los ojos ciegos te apuntaron con el dedo querian verte con miedo borrarte todos tus credos convertirte en enredo...
Wooooo.....that shit is hot

Then there's this Mexican MC, Bocafloja. Straight outta from the DF.
This guy can also rhyme. I've seen him perform several times. I became an instant fan when I first saw him perform at a fundraiser for the homeless about 3 years ago at the Bronx Museum of Art. As soon as he was done performing, I had to cop his cd. It's definitely one of my favorite playlists.

Lastly, there is this Dominican female MC, Arianna Puello.
I just discovered her about 2 days ago. She definitely has a new fan.

Let me know what you think about my picks. I definitely have more to recommend. Enjoy!


  1. yes! i am completely obsessed with ana & arianna - searching for more information about arianna is how i found your fantastic blog! i'm now excited to check out bocafloja! do you have other recommendations of latin@ hip hop?

  2. Gracias for checking out my blog! It's been more than a minute that I've posted, but I will soon. Try checking out Rebel Diaz (chilean rappers from Chicago), Lah Tere, & Orishas (older stuff). I'll get you some others. Check out the Remezcla & NPR Latino site, they also write about up& coming latino artist including hip hop.