Thursday, March 10, 2011

NYC Dates on a Budget

Dating in NYC can get pretty expensive. Especially if you are old school like myself who frowns on the whole dutch thing. I'll do the dutch thing if it's a blind date, but If I am asking a girl out then it should be my responsibility to pay. Not many of my friends agree with me, but that's who I am....broke and funny.

That's how I came up with my NYC dates on a budget. Dinner and movie..yawn...that is mad boring. What are we in the 1950's? First of all, doing the dinner and movie thing is expensive. Secondly, you can't talk during the movies so how are you supposed to get to know someone?

If you opt on the dinner AND the movie, this the breakdown.... Dinner for two depending on where you are going is going to run you about $50. I'm not including drinks. If you order drinks and I mean drink(s) not juice or soda, let's say close to $75. Right now movies in NYC are about $12-$13pp. If you get popcorn, soda or candy, factor an extra $15-$20. The grand total of $100-$120. This is not one of those Visa commercials where it ends in..... PRICELESS. This story is going to end in.....GOING TO COLLECTIONS.

If you want to save your money and have a good time, these are my top 3 suggestions:

1. Walk a NYC bridge (weather pending). I recommend the Brooklyn Bridge.
In MY opinion, the Brooklyn Bridge is the most beautiful bridge in the world. I also recommend you walking the bridge as the sun is setting. You get a great view of the city and Brooklyn. There are plenty of areas to stop and take in the sights, take pictures and hang out. Don't go during the day because there are MAD TOURISTS. They can be so annoying and its crowded. Night time is the best. Start off by City Hall and walk over to Brooklyn. Once you are in Brooklyn, head over to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory on Fulton Ferry Pier. You can also wait on the long ass line to Grimaldi's Pizza. It's ok and not my favorite. See my NYC Pizza post for my faves.

2. A Picnic. Yeah, yeah I sound like a herb, but I'm serious. You can go to any of the major parks. You have Central Park, Riverside Park, Battery Park, Flushing Meadow Park, Prospect Park, etc...There are tons of parks. I suggest you go to park that also has other things to do. For example, Central Park is known for their rowboats and zoo, Prospect Park has their paddle boats and zoo (plus the Brooklyn Museum & Botanic Garden is nearby) and Flushing Meadows Corona Park has their miniature golf and New York Hall of Science. Pack a picnic with some sandwiches, fruits, cheese, and some Pack it in some plastic bottles so you won't get arrested. Be smart. Once you've had your fill, walk off the food in the park, stroll through the museum or hit some balls on the mini range. You'll have fun, plenty of laughs and most importantly it won't break your bank.

3. Pick a hood, any hood in NYC. Also be smart about this one. Don't go to an unsafe hood. You're not bulletproof. Pick a neighborhood you've never been to and that you want to explore. Go to Chinatown in Lower Manhattan, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Jackson Heights in Queens or Little Italy in the Bronx. Do a little research before you go. Read up on some food recommendations and things to do in NYC. This is NYC mi gente!! There is always some festival, street fair, performance, show, etc.  Also there are tons of free things to do in NYC.

There! I hooked you up. Not only am I helping you keep your chips in your pocket, but I've given you some tips on having fun and economically friendly dates. Don't forget that this is your city. Be safe and have fun. Don't forget to give up your seat on the bus/train to a pregnant woman , elderly or handicapped person.


  1. "broke and funny". lol!! love it!!! really great ideas. i always love to just explore the city and do as much for as little money as possible. -- there's so much for free. and many of the food carts around town are top notch - and cheap.

  2. Awesome post! I'm so glad I found your blog! One of my goals this summer is to explore Brooklyn. Being a Queens girl, it's always been Queens or the city when we are hanging out!

  3. you just took be to the bodega and bought me chips and a sunkist!!! no bridge just the ikea shuttle on jay st...

  4. love how you throw in a friendly reminder to give up your seats for pregnant people! What you work for MTA too? LOL great ideas for a date!

  5. Definitely on my to do list. I better get my walking shoes ready!

  6. thanks guys. Maybe when it gets warmer, i'll set up a group tour....i'll keep everyone posted.
    Chivalry isn't dead folks, so give up that seat!
    Chips, sunkist and ikea...that was a great date ;)