Monday, March 14, 2011

Stalker Apps...REDUX
So it seems that my little posting on stalker apps hit a nerve with a couple of my readers. I've been fielding texts and emails throughout the day from several readers asking if these stalker apps were in fact real. Yes and No.

I think its funny and interesting that no one wanted to comment on the actual blog itself. I got ya paranoid huh? Well that was not my intention. It was just my thoughts on a conversation I had with one of my homegirls. To clarify, yes there are stalker apps. If there is an app to find the nearest public bathroom (SitorSquat..which I have), there is going to be some stalker app. You know they were probably originally designed as a security measure for locating kids or something like that. Well you know that anything that is created for good, there is always gonna be some hater who has to use that power for evil. There is always someone out there who has to go full retard. Always. They ruin it for everybody.

Even if I didn't write about these stalker apps, just know your phone has a built in GPS system. Think about it. As my techie friend said to me, "How do you think they can locate people who call 911?". Well there you go. It's that simple. You don't necessarily need a stalker app. These stalker apps just make it much more easier to locate someone.

Everyone that hit me up today was a bit nervous. The way I see it, if you do the whole social networking thing, you have no choice. You have to make yourself socially 'available'. As with everything in life, just be smart about it. I have my own strategic techniques to sort of cover my 'tracks'. I didn't download anything fancy. I just used good ole common sense and I disable my location service when I update on certain sites. That's one of the ways I go into stealth mode. Just like when you know NOT to walk down a dark & scary looking alley, well its the same thing. Be smart and use your common sense.

It's impossible for me not to be "found". I blog. I update my twitter, facebook and foursquare. If you surf people searching sites like SPOKEO, I'm sure you can find yourself or someone you know. So this is bigger than the stalker apps. I'm not saying all of this to make you crazy and paranoid. I'm just saying this to be mad real.

Bottom line, if you are checking in on someone or someone is checking in on you....that's not a stalker app problem. That's an old fashioned hiding in the bushes/watching you through binoculars/hiring a private detective type of stalker problem. The problem is deeper than just hitting 'install' on your phone. You need to work out that problem before it goes out of control. You know if you are in one of those situations and you know what you need to do. So DO IT!

Ok enough of this debbie downer crap, i'm starting to sound like a PSA. Ugh! So unless I get more emails and texts on this, I'll return to my regularly scheduled blog of my NYC adventures.  Now go out there and live your life...DAMMIT!


  1. Seriously? Only I commented.

    I guess none of the info surprised me at all. Big Brother is watching and to some extent we want that. That's how we catch the people that want to harm our city (and others). It's a smart thing to google yourself and see what's out there about you. I'm finding most info can be removed if you go to the privacy tab or email the website.

    Guess I better hurry up on that post, huh?

  2. No one commented online.. well it seems most of my readers were not really concerned about big brother watching, but more like big boyfriend or big girlfriend watching lol. At first I found my friend's story funny, but after the mimosas started wearing off, it wasn't so funny. I agree! Get to work on that post! I'll totally share it with my readers :)