Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stalking Apps?

Why do some people feel the need to stalk? Is it boredom? Insecurities? I don't have the need or energy to stalk. Apparently you don't need to do any hard work to stalk someone these days. You don't even need a computer anymore. If you have a smartphone, trust that there may be a stalking app for your phone or that its already built in. If it's not your social networking site, its the geo-tagging feature when you take a picture. Yes, taking a simple picture that has been geo-tagged is enough information for your stalker to find you. Scary huh?

Like I said, social networking sites have made it way too easy to stalk someone. Since I don't have any of the women I'm dating as a Facebook friend, I don't have anything to worry about. Or do I?? Honestly, my closest stalking experience was someone I was seeing who felt she needed to test the limits of her unlimited texting plan. If you text me over 5 times a day, then Houston we have a problem. There is no need for anyone to keep tabs on me, quiz my whereabouts or text me a thousand times a day asking me how's my day going. Really? Ok I'm exaggerating when I say a thousand, but the 10 texts she sent every day felt like a thousand. Is it me or am I just a pain in the ass? Wait....don't answer that just yet.

While drinking and laughing over unlimited mimosas, my friend asked if my droid revealed my location when I called someone? I was like huh? What??? Talk about sobering up in an instant! I said I don't think so, why? She said someone told her that when she calls, that person's Droid tells them what borough she's in. You can't tell me something like that!! I'm already paranoid of getting stalked. While holding my glass of mimosa, I told my friend that there is no freaking way someone can tell what borough you're calling from. Or can they??? So there I went... frantically scrolling through my call history to see if there was any truth to her question and thankfully there wasn't. Talk about a giant BBMWHEW face!! Well not exactly...

I just couldn't stop thinking about my friend's question. I sat there over brunch and wondered if there were actual stalking apps out there. I hit up Google and did some research. Apparently, there ARE such apps out there in the crazy apps world. I refuse to give the names or links because I'm totally against these apps! Who the hell are these crazy apps designers? See what happens when people use their powers for evil? If you thought I had difficulty sleeping before, this is not going to help my case.

Ayee another thing for me to worry about! What's funny is that I never worried about this as I updated my Facebook,Twitter and or Foursquare. I know everyone on my Facebook and my security settings are super customized. My biggest fear is the possibility of dating a closeted stalker. So until I decide to settle down and get into a serious relationship, I will turn off my location service on my phone (except when I'm updating Foursquare and then I will turn it off again), continue to give my dates only my cell phone number and a secondary email address. Like I tell my friends, you're life should be an Oscar nominated film and not a Lifetime movie. Make sure you clear your browsing history after you read this post. Hey you never know!


  1. I pride myself with being able to find anything on anyone.

    Part of my real job requires me to research names and addresses of companies so I know all the websites to get the good on companies and maybe a few people.

    I'm actually removing my own info from some sites as research to a future post. The idea was sparked by a conversation I had with me EX. He said he only has a PO Box and you can't find him. Guess what? I found him :) I actually want to send him a postcard that says "Told ya so! LOL!" but that would be stalker-ish and I'll never do it.

    I think some level of cyber stalking is good...especially if you are dating people you meet online.

    My favorite tip: just google the first part of a person's email, chances are this is their login to other sites or their AOL instant message account and you'll be surprised at the gems you find.

    Happy hunting :)

  2. Wow!! thanks for the tip. I can't wait till your research is done. i'll make sure to come to you when I need "help". i don't do any cyberstalking. I normally know after the 2nd date whether their nuts. Only one slipped through the cracks and that's what made me paranoid lol. Thanks again Patty!

  3. Just reading this and one realizing you have a knack for writing and two that I am not the only paranoid, keep that bitch away from me, around these parts. Keep up the wit!