Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flirting 101

Flirting is one of my natural Leo traits. I love to flirt with anyone and everyone. It can be a guy or a girl. When it comes to flirting with a guy, the timing has to be just right.  Well for me it does since I don’t really flirt with me. Women on the other hand, there is no timing. It comes “au natural”.   I flirt with waitresses, bank tellers, nurses, doctors, sales clerks, hostesses, lawyers, mothers, daughters (adults) old women and of course young women.  I always start off with a greeting of sorts such as “Good morning/afternoon, hope you have been a good day so far..” That starts off the conversation. They usually reply with a typical answer such as “it’s ok, it’s pretty good” or something along that line and then I get a smile. Yes, I know what you are thinking, these women are not gay or like women or how in the hell do I know that they may be remotely interested in you. I don’t.  It’s as simple as that. I don’t flirt because I’m trying to pick up someone, but because I’m just flirting. That’s it. If something arises out of the flirting, then that’s a whole different ball game.  That’s not my goal or challenge. I just love to flirt.

So let’s get back to basic flirting 101. Once I’ve engaged my flirtee, I say something funny related to the reason I’m speaking to this person. I’m also naturally very charming and that definitely helps.  People don’t realize how having a sense of humor is a very sexy and attractive trait. I have to say that it is the #2 trait I personally look for in a woman.  #1 is brains.  Once I make the woman laugh or giggle, I have succeeded. I’ve succeeded in flirting with what is most common a straight woman and probably have her thinking for a split second how cute I am. Yes I know I’m sounding a little conceited, but trust me I’m far from it. I just like to offer women options. No one should be contained to a box. That’s boring. I like to make women smile and laugh. It’s my thing.  Sometimes by the end of the night, especially with bartenders and waitresses, I have usually told them that they are the woman that I’ve been looking for all my life. We both laugh, I get great service and she gets a good tip. Everyone is happy.

Flirting with all these women helps boost your self-confidence. It is a testing ground of sorts for being comfortable in your approach. It’s fairly easy since you are not asking anyone out so the pressure is off. You are worry free from the stress of whether or not she will say yea or nay. All you are doing is flirting. So start practicing. Think about when people flirt with you. Think of some great flirting memories and compare them to the futile flirting attempts that someone has even tried with you. I’m sure you’ll laugh at some of the corny lines you’ve been dished.

With that being said, always remember that just because a woman has responded to your flirt DOES NOT necessarily mean she’s interested. Remember women tend to be polite. They may just laugh it off or just smile. So that’s why I say..just practice for now. Eventually you will start picking up the obvious Sherlock Holmes clues that she is interested in you.

Your homework for this week is to go out there and flirt your butt off. Don’t flirt at work because you don’t want a lawsuit on your hands. Flirt anywhere else. If you have to think twice about flirting with a particular woman, ABORT MISSION..ABORT..MISSION. Go with your gut feeling. For example, flirting with your kid’s teacher is an example of a mission you should abort. Now that I’ve given you the fine print in a not so fine 11 Calibri font, don’t just stand there…GO!

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